What is Jazz Praise? Our arrangements of traditional & contemporary hymns set to swing, ballads and Latin jazz (Bossa Novas & Sambas). There are various styles of 'jazz', so we'll describe ours as being in the style of Nat 'King' Cole, Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck.

How did you get your inspiration to do this? I never purposely set out to do Jazz Praise. One night, as I was practicing, God simply gave me an arrangement of "Just a Closer Walk" and the rest is history. Since that evening of March 2000, the Lord has opened the door for over 500 Jazz Praise events throughout the U.S. and has given me four CD's in this genre: "Doxology- A Jazz Praise", "Praise Him with Jazz", "Music For Your Soul" and the soon-to-be released JP IV, "He Keeps Me Swinging".

Why Jazz Praise?
1. Why not? The Christian music today is marketed mainly for the younger generation. Other than Praise music and the Gaithers, there isn't a lot available to the 50+ crowd. My theory why this ministry has taken off (other than the fact that God is in control) is simple. Anyone who grew up from 1940 to the late 1950's was in the middle of the big band and 'swing' era. This was the popular music of the day.
2. People love the good old hymns. Although we also cover some contemporary choruses, a majority of our jazz arrangements are from the traditional hymnal. Why? Because the melodies are wonderful and have a long history with the church. We all need to remember that it takes all parts to make up the body of Christ.
3. The Bible says to "praise God with trumpet, strings, flute, (etc) for Him". Psalm 150:3-5. Nowhere in the Bible or in its original text is a specific style of music preferred over another. The only criteria is that it is a 'joyful noise unto the Lord'. Praise music can be Classical, Country, Pop...or Jazz, as long as we stay focused on Him.

Why is a majority of your music instrumental?
I am a classically-trained pianist and have also played 'straight-ahead' jazz for many years. So my life has been submersed in instrumental music. Songs may contain biblically-based lyrics, but when someone sings it, that doesn't automatically make the music 'Christian'. It's not the notes or words. God looks at our hearts. And If our heart is in the right place, then it will be music to God's ears.

Jazz Praise is not new.
Jazz Praise is not new by a long shot. Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Vince Guaraldi and many others have done this years before. Many others are doing it now. Simply put, we are making music for God with the gifts He gave us.

God can use anything for His Glory.
Many churches are now including jazz in worship. For us, Jazz makes a great outreach. There are many people that, for whatever reason, refuse to step foot in church. On the other hand, they might come see a jazz concert if invited by a friend. Hopefully they will come and see how Jesus changes lives. Concerts can also make a successful fundraiser for church.

Booking info.
We'd love to come to your church and minister. Please request a complete press kit (includes bio, info for bookings, etc) simply by contacting us via e-mail or the information below. Thank you for your consideration. Also, please pray that the Lord will continue to use all music in ways that only He understands.


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