"Bang!" (:35 sample)
(for Derrick Bang)

"Samba de Snoopy"
(:52 sample)

"Blues for Beagles"

"A Boy Named Charlie Brown"
(1:15 sample)

"Chillin' at the Warm Puppy Café" (1:14 sample)

"Surfin' Snoopy"
(:49 sample)

Recording Session Date:
January 17-18, 2015

Recorded at: Sacramento Piano Conservatory (www.sacpiano.com)
Piano: Steinway Model D
Engineer: Guy Kowarsh
Release Date:
June 20, 2015

Featured musical guests:
Jim Martinez (piano)
Josh Workman (guitar)
Lucas Bere (tenor sax)

Marcus Shelby (bass)
Tony Savage (drums & percussion)
Tim Metz (drums)
Margie Ruiz (vocals)
Ciprian Mihut (violin)
Rei Luu (violin)
Jonathan Fleuter (viola)
Susan Lamb Cook (cello)

Track List:
1. Bang! (For Derrick Bang) (Martinez)
2. Samba de Snoopy (Martinez)
3. Blues for Beagles (Martinez)
4. A Boy Named Charlie Brown (McKuen)
5. Schroeder Can Play (Martinez)
6. Waltz for Vince (Martinez)
7. Cast Your Fate to the Wind (Guaraldi)
8. Champion Charlie Brown (McKuen)
9. Spike & the Cactus Club (Martinez)
10. Thank You, Sparky (Martinez)
11. Chillin' at the Warm Puppy Café (Martinez)
12. Surfin' Snoopy
13. Theme To Grace (Guaraldi)
Linus and Lucy (Guaraldi)

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